Emma really needed some attention. If you’re confused, I’m talking about my car. An oil change was due, I still can’t see how fast I’m going at night, my left turn signal is still out at the front, and I can play tic-tac-toe in the mornings with the warning lights on my check board.

This weekend, I finally got a bit of work done. I haven’t been home for a while now so being able to do even a bit of work was freakin’ BLESSED. An oil change was done using Castrol GTX 10W30 (it was on sale) and a mobil1 filter. Anybody know what viscosity I’m to use? My research, and by that I mean checking the Bentley and looking at forums, says anywhere from 5W30 to 20W50. Noone seems to agree but if there are any e30 drivers that are also in an area with similar climate to southern Ontario, Canada, please chime in. I’ll see how it goes with the 10W30 and report back later, if I remember.


I also finally swapped out the bad dash bulb and can see how fast I’m driving at night! All you need is a laptop, and some time to fix 90% of problems on a simple chassis like the e30. Sidenote: Ugh, I can’t wait to get my manual swap in, automatics from the 80s are straight garbage.

I’m an engineering student and I think machinery looks sick so took a photo with the steering wheel off. Just thought it looked nice.


Turns out I bought the WRONG light bulb so the turn signal will have to wait until the next time I’m back home. I remembered AFTER leaving home that I bought a used plastic front bumper I could have sourced a lightbulb from… sigh. Next time.

The warning lights are a minor issue so I’ll track that down later on when I have time. It’s a slow process, especially since I don’t have access to workspace most of the time... downside of living away at school. I have high hopes though!