I had to get towed over 130km home last night. Ran over a nail while driving home from work, this makes two flat tires in a month (hence why I didn’t have a spare). I felt lucky going through a whole Canadian winter with no problems, then this month came and decided to make my life difficult.

Got home and figured at least I’ll get a good photo out of this! I tried to go for an ominous look since my car looks so beat up sitting up on that truck (in reality it’s just the hood and fender I swear!) The car on the right is my dad’s Lexus GS350 F-Sport.


Turns out it’s hard to keep a steady hand for a slow shutter speed when it’s cold out.

I got bored on the ride home so experimented with shutter speed and nighttime photography. Pretty cool picture, showing you how crappy the suspension in the tow truck was (it basically didnt’ have a front suspension, or at least felt like it).