Inspiration For Em

Since my internet is being a huge pain at the moment and not letting me upload photos I took at Pebble Beach last year, I'll talk about the inspiration for my e30, Em. There are three main ones. One, is this DTM inspired Mercedes Benz 190E built by a dude in Japan for time attack. I've attached the speedhunters…

An Unexpected Tow Home

I had to get towed over 130km home last night. Ran over a nail while driving home from work, this makes two flat tires in a month (hence why I didn’t have a spare). I felt lucky going through a whole Canadian winter with no problems, then this month came and decided to make my life difficult.

Did A Bit

Emma really needed some attention. If you’re confused, I’m talking about my car. An oil change was due, I still can’t see how fast I’m going at night, my left turn signal is still out at the front, and I can play tic-tac-toe in the mornings with the warning lights on my check board.